T minus 2…. a new year a new you??


So, after a Christmas of (over) indulgence, I’m getting back on the straight and narrow. I will be using my food rules (see The Rules page) to boost my nutrient intake and reduce my body fat. If you want to join me on this journey, please do, but tailor it to your own needs as we all have different BMI’s and energy expenditure, so no one diet will fit all.

I’m going to try and encourage my mum and sister to join me in this challenge.

go on….you do it too 😉

see you on Monday for the first meal plan for Tuesday…

In advance you might like to stock your fridge and cupboards with the following:

chicken breasts

smoked salmon

green beans

lots of carrots (Waitrose are currently doing purple ones!)

stringless runner beans



butternut squash

butter and blue milk, I also like cream in my coffee so I will have this too!

soured cream and creme fraiche

cheese (any type- I have stilton and cheddar)



eggs (lots of them)

greek yoghurt

berries (blueberries/raspberries etc)



coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil

unsalted mixed nuts (Tesco do them in big bags for £1.89 – they have big raisins in, but I pull those out and feed them to my kids!)

that’s probably it… for now!

by this time next week you will already see and feel the difference…come on what gave you got to lose… (except for some fat and the risk of diabetes, heart disease etc etc if you don’t give it a try)

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