last day of the old you!


so, tomorrow is the day of reckoning! I’m quite excited in a strange way. Its like having a good spring clean, it might be hard work initially, but you feel so good for it!

so, tomorrow my meals will be:

scrambled eggs and coffee

I have 3 eggs – Louise Parker uses 2, I need a bit more, but it keeps me going until lunch. Whisk them in a bowl while a bit of butter is melting in your pan on low heat. Add eggs. Only turn them occasionally. When they have mostly solidified I turn them into a plate and sprinkle with salt and pepper. I have jazzed the up before by adding finely chopped spinach or coriander to the eggs while they are cooking – this increases your ‘greens’ and varies the recipe. Overall though the whole thing takes under 2mins to prepare and make – vital in the morning 😫

lunch will be:

carrot sticks (3 carrots chopped)

chunk of cheese about the thickness of a ruler taken from the block of cheese

green beans and runner beans (as much as you like)

a handful of almonds


my twist on raymonds butternut squash

purists might want to limit their butternut squash portion to about 50g and supplement with more veg and a bit more feta.


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