some hints and tips


1. Initially as you take your body off carbs you might feel hungry – this will only last a couple of days until your body adjusts and then happily munches on your own body fat instead of your calorie intake for its energy needs. During this time you can add in a snack (Louise parker recommends you snack throughout the diet, but I found I didn’t need to). My favourite was 3 oatcakes with butter or peanut butter on. Quick and easy. Alternatively I ate almonds. Lidl do snack pods for 60p.

2. Think of every meal time as an opportunity to lose more fat. I got quite excited about eating because it meant that it was a chance to lose fat rather than put it on!

3. Your diet starts in the supermarket – what you buy you will eat, so don’t buy the crap. If you have to buy biscuits for kids etc, buy ones you can easily say no to!

4. Lazy = slow fat loss. Do as much activity as you can in a day, if you see a job that needs doing but cant be bothered to ‘get up again’ to do it – think again, all these little extras add up. Exercise is the key to long term fat loss and health add it in wherever you can.

in one week you will be looking and feeling loads better – anyone can do anything for a week. Take it one day at a time. Don’t think about tomorrow, it will just come round😉

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