Healthy griddle cakes


These are healthy versions of the old favourite dropped scone Be-Ro recipe. I love a treat in the afternoon, or after lunch with a cup of tea and Mum used to make us the Be-Ro version, but I can’t justify the refined sugar and flour, so I have dedicated myself to creating a healthy, wholesome version. Its taken a lot of trials (shame), but I was determined to master a quick, easy, healthy griddle cake and hey presto, I’ve found it! I’ve, as usual, flicked my scales to ounces as its easier to remember the numbers and now I can take this recipe everywhere with me in my head. Give it a go. It’s a family favourite now! I even whip them up in the caravan.

Makes 4 cakes.

3oz oat flour – (put regular porridge oats in the blender/whizzer and whizz until they resemble flour)

1oz ground almonds

1oz caster sugar (you could use 1tbsp maple syrup or honey instead)

2 tbsp lemon juice, squeezed from a lemon

1oz currants

1 egg

3tbsp milk

1/2 tsp baking powder

Put it all into a bowl and mix together to form a runny paste

Preheat a frying pan/skillet/griddle to a low heat and lightly oil (I used a few sprays of spray olive oil)

Split the mixture into quarters and spoon 4 blobs onto the pan.

Turn over after a 2-3 mins of cooking and do the other side for another 2-3mins until browned and cooked through

Serve immediately, with butter

They are really filling and taste like a cross between a pancake and a flapjack. The lemon really makes it. I’ve also had these for breakfast/brunch.

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  1. Hannah Selwyn says:

    Look yummy, I think
    I will have to try these 😋 xx

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