chicken in a creamy sauce in minutes!


I made this for lunch yesterday for myself and two small boys. It fed us with no leftovers – it could do 2 adults.

for the boys I served it with root veg mash (prebought from Tesco for speed) but you could homemake mash or do it with wholegrain rice. It was wolfed down!

you need:

1large chicken breast

1small onion

1small leek


tub creme fraiche (I used half fat)

blue milk


coconut oil for cooking (it tastes amazing and contains no hydrogenated fat and it does not release any carcinogenic nasties when cooked unlike all other fats and oils)


chop onion, leek, carrot finely

fry in saucepan/large deep frying pan over low heat until soft

add chunks of chicken (I find it easier to snip a chicken breast than cut it with a knife)

fry until chicken no longer pink on outsides

add half tub creme fraiche (2-3tbsp)

add milk until a sauce is made (it will thicken during cooking, unless you add too much milk -if you do – in a separate cup mix 1 heaped tsp cornflour and cold water then add to thicken at the end)

cook for 10ish mins until chicken no longer pink in middle

during this time I microwaved some peas to go alongside

salt and pepper and serve.


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