An ode to Aldi and Lidl

A few years ago a friend told me about the good meat and veg at Aldi and  Lidl. I went, couldn’t  see past the chainsaw trousers,   bike inner tubes and crampons. I scoffed and never returned. 

A few years (and a shop refit) later another friend came round with a bag of  amazing pastries. Lidl bakery. OMG. I went back. I am a convert. 

Admittedly, they often lack the range of  a big supermarket, often the veg is not in fridges so careful shopping is required, but the food is fantastic! And so much cheaper. Aldi (in Thornbury – I’ve  noticed, they vary) has a fab range of  paleo/raw fruit and nut bars, maca powder, cocoa  powder, gluten free oats, maple syrup, parma ham, manchego cheese etc etc. Everything my new eating plan needs. The size and crunchiness of their red peppers (sold singularly for 47p) is outstanding. Their natural greek yoghurt in big tubs is to die for. They sell chia seeds, milled linseed, the works. I’m  so impressed. 
If you get the chance, go. Look past the paint thinner and tenting equipment and you will find a health food store at a fraction the price of a real one and with  so many tasty things you will never reach for a ready  meal again… Did  I  mention their olives… Oh and the feta is the most authentic,  creamy cheese… They now have smoked  salmon,  like smoked mackerel, with a dill topping…. I’m officially  a convert!! Aldi is better than Lidl in my opinion, unless you want bakery products when Lidl has by far the best with a fresh bakery section (rye breads, fig and walnut etc for just over £1, still hot and crusty). Go. 

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