Fast mushroom soup

250g mushrooms, I used half and half forestier to chesnut mushrooms, roughly chopped

1 very large red onion, chopped

A tbsp dried thyme

A blob of butter for frying onion and mushrooms in

3 tbsp thick cream

500ml veg stock

I used my soup maker, which is an excellent purchase. It is morphy richards and has a fry option too.

Put the butter into the jug and turn the saute button on.

Add the onion and stir then when theyve softened and gone white in colour add the mushrooms. Stir. Add the thyme. Keep sauté – ing until the mushrooms are also cooked.

Turn off sauté.

Add stock up to min level mark.

Choose smooth option, takes 21 mins to make delicious smooth soup.

When its ready, add the cream and stir.

Delicious and so good for you.

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