Venison with red wine, juniper and bay


Inspired by a trip to the butcher who had just received in the first of the season’s venison.

Put everything into the slow cooker and stir. Cook on high for 7 hours.

Olive oil, splash

One chopped red onion

4 chopped chestnut mushrooms

2 garlic cloves, finely chopped or pureed

250-300g (a large handful) of venison, cubed

200ml red wine

250ml stock, I used bouillon

2 tsp tomato puree

2 tbsp cranberry or redcurrant jelly

1tbsp juniper berries bruised in a mortar and pestle

4-5 bay leaves folded to bruise them

2 tbsp plain flour

Salt and pepper

Stir together in the slow cooker.

Serve with kale chopped and fried in olive oil and garlic

Mash or grains

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