What to do with all those apples??

wp_20161115_002our eating apple tree has done so well this year, but I’m not getting through our crop very quickly. I’m not, not eating apples, but I do now regard them like a biscuit so am more circumspect about eating them. So, after a friend gave me some delicious spiced apple chutney, I thought I’d make some of my own. I used the BBC GoodFood spiced apple chutney recipe – basically 700ml apple cider, 1.5kg peeled and chopped apples,500g light muscovado sugar, 400g raisins, table spoon allspice, mustard seeds, cinnamon. Cook for about 25mins then put in jars. It’s lovely and livened up my oatcakes, cheddar cheese and raw carrot supper!

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