a twist on Raymond Blancs roasted pumpkin

I was lucky (cunning, by getting childcare and a date swap) enough to attend the family Christmas reunion at Raymond Blanc’s Bristol brassiere last week and for starter my Aunt and I shared his roasted pumpkin drizzled with soured cream and almonds. Anyway, I always like to take the scrummier parts of my dinner out and replicate at home, so I recreated this dish (always adding a bit and practically tripling the portion 😉.) A really tasty result! Great for a mid week supper or a vege friend coming over.

what you need:

1butternut squash cubed

a few halved carrots

coconut oil for baking(I always use coconut oil where I can because unlike all other oils it does not hydrogenate on heating so much more heart healthy)

block feta cheese

soured cream small tub

pouring cream small tub

flaked almonds

cumin and fennel seeds

pumpkin seeds

salt and pepper

what to do:

put a tablespoon of coconut oil on baking tray and into preheated oven at about 180C so it melts

remove oiled tray and load chopped veg onto it and cover veg in oil by turning veg with a spoon in the oil

back in the oven for 35 ish mins until golden

wrap the feta in baking paper – like you are wrapping a present (but minus selotape!)

for the last 15 mins pop the feta into the oven – it will need its own baking tray and put it under the veg – it doesn’t need top shelf

mix pumpkin and fennel and cumin seeds in a oven proof bowl with a blob of coco oil and for the last 5 mins pop this at the bottom of the oven stirring the oil through the seeds to release the flavour. 

at some point, (maybe now!) mix half and half pouring cream and soured cream, prob 2tbsp of each. Add salt to this. 

remove all oven cooked food.


veg first, then scatter seeds on, then using a spoon blob on the feta then drizzle with cream mix. Scatter flaked almonds and pepper over the top. Devour. Lush!!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Claire says:

    Oooohhhhh my god! I am so trying this… food heaven!! Nom nom nom


    1. Becca says:

      I’m going to do this for Tuesday night tea!


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