green bake -for Dad


gorgeous, warming, spoon coating lushness.

you need:

1 x bag curly kale

2-3 beetroot

2 heads broccoli

any other veg/greens (I used some post Xmas sprouts and carrots)

extra mature cheddar cheese (stronger the better cos you need less of it) ā€“ grated

2 pints whole milk

2tablespoons plain flour

salt and pepper

stilton (to crumble over the top)

brown linseed to shake over the top

toasted hazlenuts (which I forgot šŸ˜Œ) to sprinkle over the top


chop up and steam the veg in two goes ā€“ hard veg first for 20mins, kale after for 5-7 mins

make a cheese sauce:

put milk and flour in saucepan and whisk in until all dissolved.

turn on low heat. Keep stirring.

when it has thickened add grated cheese (save a bit for sprinkling over the top) and take off heat. Salt and pepper the sauce to taste.


hard veg on bottom of lasagne dish, then curly kale on top, then cheese sauce on top. Poke the cheese sauce through in places to the veg underneath, but keep most on top as uncovered, the kale will burn.

sprinkle over the remaining cheddar and stilton, then nuts and seeds.

oven bake at 180 for 20 mins then turn up to 200 for 5 mins at end until top is browned. 

(this is it pre-oven baking)

Remove from oven and let it stand for 5mins.

serve in shallow bowls. Mmmm.

I ate this with oven roasted aubergine ā€“ chunk an aubergine up into large chunky chip sized pieces, place on a baking tray with 1tbsp melted coconut oil covering the base. Turn the aubergine in the oil. Put in oven with bake for 30 mins. Lush šŸ˜‹

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