creamy greens with chicken and nuts


this one took 15 mins and was delicious. Give it a try! It must be so good for you!

you need:

2 big grabbing handfuls each of spinach leaves and purple kale (cavolo Nero)

1chicken breast

2 tablespoons creme fraiche

nutmeg, 5 cardamom pods (remove the seeds and discard the husks)

nuts and seeds – pumpkin seeds, walnuts and brown linseed – a good shake of each

salt and pepper

coconut oil for frying chicken in


1desert spoon of coconut oil in frying pan and turn on low heat

cut chicken into strips

cook chicken until mostly cooked through

add spices to oil and stir through

add nuts and stir in

chop kale into strips and remove woody stalk – add to pan, cook for a few mins until soft

add spinach leaves on top of mixture – allow to wilt then stir in

add creme fraiche and possibly a tablespoon of water or white wine to relax the sauce

salt and pepper

let it bubble through

check chicken is cooked

turn into dish and eat!

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