OMG lasagne


Tom Kerridge inspired, with my own low carb twist. Absolutely amazing . I’ve just had seconds 😉


Email me for further details, but essentially wash and oven tray bake one pack of beef mince and one pack of pork mince for 45 mins at 190. Then fry one pack pancetta and add two finely chopped onions and a pack mushrooms. Then add two jars passata, oregano, salt, pepper, a desert spoon Worcestershire sauce, a teaspoon  brown sugar. Cook until bubbling. Add mince from oven which should be browned and a bit like granola. Then make a bechmel sauce with milk and flour and two bayleaves. Add some grated cheese. Mandolin slice a butternut squash. Layer a dish – meat dauce, butternut squash slices, meat, bechmel, butternut squash, meat, bechmel etc until top is bechmel. Top with a bit of grated cheese, pepper, oregano. Oven bake 35 min 170 until browned and bubbling. Serve with lettuce.

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