Quick as you like breakfast pancakes

No weighing, just stir in one bowl, fast, very low carb and super healthy. What more could you want? (the kids not  to have eaten them all before you sit down?!) 

3 tablespoons  coconut  flour

1/4 tsp bicarb of soda

2 tbsp maple syrup

Handful of raisins (optional, leave out if on very low carb plan) 

2 eggs

1tbsp (or as chocolatey as you want) cacao powder

1 tbsp milled linseed, gogi berry, sunflower and pumpkin seed mix from lidl or aldi (optional, but recommended for health benefits  – you gotta think of feeding those gut bacteria) 

2-4 tbsp water (until thick batter is achieved, it will depend on the size of your eggs how much water you need) 


Put griddle on heat yo warm up and spray with a spray oil so they dont stick – i like the new coconut  spray oil

Dollop onto groddle, turn when the underneaths no longer stick

The first few take longer but thereafter you can do a batch in a few mins in total. 


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