Chocolate yoghurt breakfast

This is an all time favourite in our house. Matthew, my 16month old, cannot get enough of it!

Make it the night before if you want it more solid – like a solid cheesecake, or eat immediately if you want it more creamy. 

1 tub greek natural youghurt. (aldi is the best, lidl next best) full fat. 

2 coffee scoops of chia seeds, about 30g 

Same amount of milled linseed (see photo – aldi) 

2 tablespoons of cacao powder 

Desert spoon of honey

Mix together. 

Leave in fridge overnight or eat immediately. Serves 2. Serve with compot (see previous youghurt recipe) or berries. Or on its own! If its too thick, losen with a splash of milk. 

Everything is available in aldi and costs a fraction of the cost at a health food store. 

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