Chicken, pink onion and tarragon

This is unbelievably good!

Carb free, unless you serve it with rice.

I made it as a meal for one, but you can make it for as many as you like – just make sure the dish you cook it in is not too small or the veg will stew and go sloppy.

One chicken breast

One pink onion, sliced

Two forestier mushrooms, sliced

4 spring onions, chopped, or mini sweetcorns halved, or leeks sliced…

Half a bunch of fresh tarragon, chopped (dont use the stalks – it’s like eating matchsticks)

A cup of veg stock

Double cream

Salt and pepper


Put everything (bar cream and cornflour) in a large dish, but only use half of the stock and reserve the rest.

Cover the dish with foil

Put on a low shelf in a preheated oven at 160C for 35 ish mins, until chicken is cooked. (I cooked this again tonight and with chicken straight out of the fridge it took 45 min.) I use Heston Blumenthal’s precision thermometer to let me know when the meat is cooked as times vary wildly depending on the size and initial temperature of the meat. It’s one of my best kitchen purchases.

Remove the foil. Stir. Add a tablespoon or two of cream until it is a white sauce (and creamy to taste).

Add a desert spoon of cornflour to the reserved stock (now cold) and pour that over. Stir it all.

Put back in the oven for 5 mins until sauce begins to thicken

Taste and season.


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