Rainbow chard with greens and feta


Ingredients: Rainbow chard can be substitued with spring greens. Coconut oil, pumpkin sreds, quinoa and feta all from Aldi. First chop the onion and fry in a desert spoon of coconut oil Then add the mushrooms and a good sprinkling of pumpkin seeds. Continue to fry. Then chop the rainbow chard, destalk the cavolo nero and slice into big, fat strips. Add to the frying pan and put a lid on. Wilt the greens on med low heat for a few minutes. Then slice the broccoli and pop that on top for a few more mins. Then cube and sprinkle over the feta. Replace the lid and cook until it has started to melt – it only takes a few mins. Test it with a spoon – if it’s creamy when touched, it has melted. Put the packet of quinoa in the microwave. Heat. Serve. No need for salt.

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