Oven roast chicken with button mushrooms and echalion shallots

The simplest, most delicious dinner.

1 chicken quarter (breast on the bone)

10 button mushrooms

4 echalion shallots peeled

Put in a shallow baking dish. Salt and pepper.

Put in preheated oven at 200’C.

After 35mins check with precision thermometer. Mine took 40min.

Serve. Pour over the juices.

Eat with a good red wine.

(I’m currently loving the 80acres shiraz voiginer from Aldi. Carbon neutral, family estate. Awesome taste. £5.99. Can life get better?! 😉)

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  1. Lyn Crofts says:



    1. Beccy says:

      I’m defo doing this again! Chicken came from the butchers #neilpowell at HJEdwards in Chepstow farm shop. Really delicious and only cost £3.


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