Beautiful stilton burger


Makes two.

150g lean minced beef

1 egg

Salt (be generous, there’s nothing worse than an undersalted burger)


A slice of Stilton cheese about 1 cm thick, rind removed

Put everything but the cheese into a bowl.

Mix it with a fork until it all comes together into a thick patty

Divide into two and make into balls with a big well in the middle, crumble the cheese in and then mould the burger so the outer buts are meat, or it will stick to the frying pan.

Preheat frying pan to medium heatwith a bit of coconut oil so the burger doesnt stick

Cook burger, turning occasionally, until it reaches 60’C on precision thermometer

Open a bag of butterhead lettuce salad onto two plates and slice thick tomato slices, drizzle with squeezy mayonnaise and a few blobs of ketchup. Load on burger and eat.

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