Orange and fennel salad with halloumi and pomegranate

An antidote to the 5 million mince pies I have eaten thus far… I can no longer ignore my liver screaming for me to reign it in. So, here we go liver.. Enjoy

Inspired by the warm clementine salad in December’s edition of the magazine.  Thanks Waitrose for the great flavour combo.

Here’s how to make it:

One fennel, sliced finely on a mandolin

Pointed red pepper sliced a bit thicker on a mandolin

Glug of the best olive oil (I buy mine direct from @fattorialavialla an organic Tuscan farm)

Salt and pepper (but only a little)

Put these in a bowl and mix

Bash your pomegranate with the back of a wooden spoon and collect the jewel like seeds

Put a handful in the mix

Cut a small bundle of coriander with scissors into bits. Put into the mix. Stir.

Pile this mix onto a plate

Peel a clementine and slice with a knife. Scatter over your fennel salad.

Grill a few slices of halloumi. Cut into chunks and position in the salad

Add a few walnuts if you have them, they add a nice crunch.

Scatter some more pomegranate over the top.

Eat and allow your digestive system to breathe a sigh of gratitudinal relief 😌

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