Rowena’s nut roast

Only one day to go to Christmas… The decorations are up, the mulled wine and Harvey’s Bristol Cream flowing. Now to prep for the big day…

I love Christmas, I come from a very Christmassy family, my Dad, inspired by his mum like to go all out for the festive season.

I like the tradition of it, the same tried and tested recipes that I associate with Christmas… Mum’s stuffing balls… Mince pies with crumbly pastry… It’s the time of year I say blow the diet and live a little.

My husband is vegetarian and required a new tradition when he joined my carnivorous family. This nut roast is one of our friend’s family traditions swapped and passed on.

Making it this morning in advance of Christmas Day when you simply pop it in the oven with the veg. Its easy, tasty and a happy new tradition. Enjoy and have a lovely Christmas.

Nut roast

It’s in weighed old money, I could convert it, but I like flipping my scales to ounces to follow this tradition.

8oz breadcrumbs (about 4-5 thick slices of brown bread in the mixer and whiz until grain like)

8oz mixed nuts (unsalted) whizzed until small but not powdery. I like the texture.

1onion chopped and fried in…

2 chopped cloves garlic and

1 tbsp thyme and

1 tbsp parsley and

1 chopped pepper (any colour) and

1 chopped courgette and finally

A few chopped mushrooms.

When this lot is fried until soft, then add it to the nut and bread mix.

Add 2 tsp marmite and stir the lot together

Finally, stir in…

4oz grated strong cheddar cheese

2 eggs

Fresh herbs – I’m using half a pack of coriander and half a pack of parsley snipped into bits

Salt and pepper.

Then tip it into a pre greased loaf tin and put in the fridge until you need it and for at least 6 hours/overnight.

Often just prior popping it into the oven I will slice mozerella over the top.

Oven bake at 180°C for 30 mins or until brown on top.

Tip out of tin and slice.

Enjoy and merry Christmas everyone x

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