Aubergine boats

This was a bit of a discovery by accident. I’ve made them twice in so many weeks and cannot get enough of them. They are an alternative to aubergine parmigana or lasagne and could be a great dinner party dish with a salad and some crusty garlic bread. I just can’t believe how easy it is and how tasty the result!

First heat the oven to 180’C fan

Wash and chop the stalks off 2 largeish aubergines. Then cut in half and score a criss cross into the aubergines, but dont go all the way through.

Put into a lasagne dish that has a good glug of olive oil in the bottom. Roll the aubergines in the oil so they are fully coated in oil.

salt each aubergine on the flesh side and place them in the oven, in the dish, flesh side up for about 25-30 mins

While they are cooking, make the sauce

1 tin of baby tomatoes from m&s

about 250g passata

a glug of red wine

a tsp of marmite

a good shake of herbs de provence and some basil leaves

a couple of handfuls of chopped and destoned black olives (optional)

salt and pepper

mix this together and let it cook on a low heat while the aubergines are cooking

When the aubergines are cooked remove from the oven and pour over the tomato sauce.


Into the tomato sauce blob on spoonfuls of mascarpone cheese, using the whole 250g tub

then slice on chunky slices of mozerella, using one large ball or two small balls

sprinkle with pepper and return to the oven for about 10-15 mins or until the cheese has melted.

Remove and take care as it is still bubbling. At this stage it is very wet, but let it stand for 10mins and so it is no longer molten hot and it will thicken up. While it is still boiling hot rip over the rest of a bag of basil leaves. After standing, serve, giving each person at least half an aubergine.

Await compliments to the chef 😉

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